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Our firm specializes in assisting clients in recovering and/or reducing federal and state income taxes by performing IRS defined engineering-based cost segregation studies.

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Our Approach

AEC Cost Recovery is a firm specializing in assisting clients in recovering and/or reducing federal and state income taxes by performing IRS defined engineering-based cost segregation studies.

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Our Cost Segregation Studies have been performed for commercial property owners across a wide spectrum of industries. This includes office buildings, retail centers, restaurants, senior living facilities, medical/dental offices, private schools, hotels, motels, warehouses, storage facilities, mini-warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

The size of projects has ranged from as small as $100,000 to as large as $100 million.

To each project AEC brings the personal attention and professionalism that all clients and their CPA need to be assured of full and complete compliance with all IRS cost segregation tax rules. Total value of Cost Segregation projects to date is over $1 Billion.


We Do it All

  • Self Storage
  • Senior Living
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Private for Profit Schools
  • Retail Centers
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Shopping Centers
  • Medical and Dental Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Grocery Stores
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Cost Segregation

The lifeblood of any business, large or small, is a free, unfettered source of cash flow. In today’s world of financial uncertainty, tight credit markets and continuous downward pressure on business profit margins, maintaining a positive cash flow has been become more difficult than at any time since the Great Depression.

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Case Studies

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2.1 Million


Retail Center


59000 SQFT


3 Million


Senior Living


13000 SQFT


2.8 Million


Retail Center


11000 SQFT


1.1 Million


Retail Center


9000 SQFT


What Our Customers Are Saying

The AEC cost recovery project was the absolute best investment I have ever made. For each dollar I invested in this cost segregation study, I saved $83 in actual taxes - a 83X or 8,300% return on my investment. AEC did not just perform the study and provide me with the documentation, but most importantly, followed up with and educated my CPA. Furthermore, we had full access to their professional team over a period of months up to the day of the final tax submission, ensuring that we actually realized the resulting tax benefit. Follow-through was exemplary. Will not think twice about recommending this team, or to do another project with them, at any time.

Dr. Marius Meintjes

Frisco Reproductive Surgery Center, Owner

Marcus, I wanted to thank you for being so efficient, thorough, and timely in evaluating my building for accelerated depreciation. You saved me thousands of dollars! I have recommended you to all my friends who own businesses.

Dr. Joseph “Jay” Hidalgo

Tennyson Lake Dental, Owner 

We were assisted in a cost segregation by Marcus with my hotel in Houston. He was very prompt and efficient in delivering the report in timely manner. We were pleased with his work on the first hotel, so we approached him to do a cost segregation study for our new hotel, Yorktown Inn & Suites. AEC completed the detailed cost segregation study which allowed us to accelerate depreciation of the building components. We are very pleased with Marcus and the project results. We have recommended AEC Recovery, LLC to friends and other small businesses. We will continue to use Marcus and AEC Cost Recovery, LLC in the future for cost segregation studies.

Parish “Sam” Patel

Hotel Owner

My experience with AEC Cost Recovery, LLC, and specifically with Marcus Elliott, has been outstanding. Prior to this project, I had no experience with Cost Segregation. I spent time researching the tax code and determined that this was an accepted practice by the IRS, but I was very apprehensive with regard to the mechanics of how the changes would flow from our accounting software to the tax return, and the proper completion of the tax forms. Marcus provided step-by-step guidance of proper documentation and tax code references which saved a great deal of time. Overall, my client achieved a tax savings of over $600,000. I would highly recommend AEC Cost Recovery to anyone in need of this service.

R. Wayne Nabors

Nabors CPA Services, P.C., CPA

Marcus, Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.  I cannot say this enough.  When times got tough you single-handedly helped me get back on track. Your knowledge and expertise are priceless.

Naomi Louvier

Jack White Real Estate, President/Owner

I have worked with Marcus Elliott and AEC Cost Recovery, LLC for several years.  He has assisted me with several cost segregation studies.  His work has always been very professional and, most importantly to me as an accountant, in a format that makes preparing the related tax return very easy. Finally, the most important aspect about their work is client satisfaction.  I have never heard anything but good things about Marcus and his staff from my clients.  If I have a cost segregation that needs to be done, Marcus is who I call.

Hal Holtman, Jr.

Holtman & Company, LLC, CPA